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Les inscriptions aux cours tous niveaux est maintenant ouverte! Nous éprouvons toutefois des difficultés avec le système de réservation. Si vous rencontrez un problème, ou que vous ne trouvez pas voilure à votre mat, S.V.P., communiquez avec moi sur le champ, soit par téléphone ou par courriel, il me fera plaisir de vous assister.
Isabelle O. (Coordonnatrice Générale CVM) 1-888-674-9309,

Sail & Sleep on Board

Have you ever fallen asleep to the sounds of nature while being rocked by the water? Whether you are a family, a romantic or a nature lover, curious to discover the world of sailing in a safe and authentic learning environment, you will love this activity that transforms an excursion into a 21-hour stay.

A sailing adventure

All crew members, including children, are invited to participate in the maneuvers, each at your own pace, under the captain-instructor’s instructions; s/he will guide you through this adventure.

Life on board and dinner on the water in Baie Éternité

Depart from L’Anse Saint-Jean towards the end of the afternoon to sail on the Saguenay Fjord. At the end of the day, once settled in the timeless Baie Éternité, enjoy a dinner, fall asleep under the beauty of the starry sky and wake up to the delicious smell of breakfast that will be served on board, in the heart of Saguenay Fjord National Park and within the protected waters of the Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park. After breakfast, hoist the sails again to head back.

Content and learning

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