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Le coopérative Voile Mercator : pour faire de la VRAIE VOILE !

De nouveaux voiliers, de nouvelles destinations et de nouvelles expériences vous attendent ! 
Stages embarqués pour toute la famille, expériences convoyage, cours de perfectionnement, etc...
Dans le fjord du Saguenay, mais aussi à Berthier-sur-Mer, la Gaspésie, Côte Nord et Bas du fleuve...
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Learn to Sail

Our sailing courses, which last anywhere from 2 to 18 days, are aimed at sailors and sailors in the making of all levels, from beginner to advanced. We offer live-aboard courses on cruising keelboats.

Life on board

Life on board is  an ntegral part of our courses: sharing accommodations, cooking together, carrying out daily tasks in a friendly atmosphere, working together as a team to handle the boat, etc. Life on board is one of the appealing aspects of sailing. Come discover it with us!

Private or tailor-made classes

All our courses are available in private mode, i.e., you put together your own group for the course. Tailor-made courses are also available aboard one of our own sailboats or on yours: the content, duration and port of departure will be adapted to your needs.

Training Program

As a sailing school accredited by Voile Québec / Sail Canada, Voile Mercator gives you access to their proven training program. This program is periodically reviewed and improved by Canadian and Quebec sailing professionals, including certain members of Voile Mercator’s team.

The program is based on certification levels leading to standards recognized across Canada and around the world. Each level allows you to develop your knowledge of sailing and reach the degree of skill you desire: from day cruises to coastal navigation to sailing around the world!

Obtain a Standard

Obtaining a standard is a two-step process: a practical, on the water, evaluation is conducted continuously throughout the course. Your instructor will give you feedback throughout your cruise so you can improve and potentially achieve the performance objectives needed to obtain the standard. A written exam will confirm your theoretical knowledge, which is just as important to become a competent sailor.

Voile Mercator offers courses for each level of certification: Start Keelboat Sailing, Basic cruising, Intermediate cruising, Advanced cruising and Coastal Navigation.