Tatyana Bouffard-Martel

Tatyana easily puts her clients at ease. Dedicated, organized, always smiling, she knows how to make each task interesting thanks to her sense of humour. The sun always shines on her boat, even when it is raining.

She boldly seeks to combine her passion for marine biology and oceanography with sailing; her scientific school boat project will allow her to sail while working in science and contributing to the well-being of our oceans.

For someone who would like to turn her life into an adventure around the world on her sailboat, she has already sailed in several places: the St. Lawrence, Saguenay Fjord, Lake Temiscamingue, Ottawa River, Lake Champlain, Caribbean Sea, étang de Berre (France). An internship in marine biology in Greenland has given her the desire to discover the Far North by water to understand the impacts of climate change on marine communities. Constantly seeking improvement and a desire to better herself, she lives on the principle that one is never too qualified to go out on the water.

Tatyana experienced a squall that she is not likely to forget! This experience taught her as much about herself as about the weather conditions and how to act in difficult situations. Her natural leadership comes out in moments of panic as well as on sunny days with a steady wind.

Tatyana shares:

I was in the Bahamas with a friend. She was sitting on the ladder and I was swimming just behind the boat when a shark pulled me down by my hair! When I came back up, I shouted for my friend to get on the boat fast so that I could climb up behind her!!! Once safely onboard, we realized it was just a small 1-metre shark...

Her motto: Always be the best version of yourself.