Sophie Duvieusart

Having spent her youth on the water, both on dinghies and keelboats, Sophie returned to sailing, jumping in feet first to return to her childhood passion. Calm and level-headed, Sophie enjoys sharing her knowledge; she provides clear and concise explanations and ensures that future seafarers understand the basic concepts. Teaching means reinforcing one's knowledge, pushing further, always aiming higher.

Sophie has visited more over 25 countries throughout her travels. She accompanied two scout groups to shantytowns in Peru and travelled to the heart of Africa: insights about herself and others showed her that patience, determination and respectful dialogue can overcome almost everything.

Today, Sophie sails on Lake St. Louis (Montreal), Lake Champlain, the Saguenay fjord and the St. Lawrence River. She participated in a transport from Gaspésie to Tadoussac. When she is on the water, she is in the present moment... nothing else exists but the sound of the waves and the wind, the gentle dance of the boat on the water, the people around her...

Sophie shares:

During a class I was giving on the Saguenay, I asked a student to sail close hauled and keep this point of sail. The boat stayed at beam reach while we turned 180 degrees! We all laughed, but that's when I really understood the impact of the cliffs on the wind! We now stay away from the cliffs when my students practise their points of sail.

Her motto: Everything is possible