Normand Corbeil

Hiking with map and compass, pilot’s license, sailing... Orienteering and navigation are the starting point of Normand’s life journey. Navigation allows you to go beyond the horizon to discover new stopovers and people.

Rigorous, articulate, great fan of the sea and sailing, Normand was the owner of the school from 1981 to 2005: Voile Mercator flows in his blood. His passion for sailing and teaching gave him a second "career" along with his job as a CEGEP engineering teacher.

Recently retired, he now enjoys the opportunity to sail the West Indies during the cold season. Altogether, he has covered 85,000 nautical miles on the St. Lawrence River, the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Lake Champlain, the East Coast of the United States, the Bahamas and the Lesser Antilles from Puerto Rico to Grenada.

His enthusiasm for the production of teaching materials led him to co-ordinate / write several books. Once a teacher, always a teacher, Normand is also an instructor at the Canadian Power Squadrons and the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Prior to the arrival of GPS and other electronic instruments, Normand made landfall at Tadoussac from the south shore of the St. Lawrence, in zero visibility, with only a compass, a depthmeter and a speedometer. His in-depth knowledge of navigation, his ability to coordinate crew duties and his keen sense of the sea made these accomplishments as intoxicating as they were demanding.

His motto: To understand in order to take better action.