Lucie Daolio

Lucie was practically born on a sailboat... Mediterranean Sea, Adriatic Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Coast of Brittany, Saguenay Fjord, St. Lawrence River, she has over 9,000 nautical miles to her name.

For Lucie, sailing is following the wind, the impermanence of time and moments, harmony of the elements, moving through the oceans; to feel the wind that runs along the sails, a breeze that makes the rigging creak; the melody of the wind and the waves that we break, the infinite sunsets, sharing moments with the crew; to be attentive to what is with and around us, to be one with the elements...

Her training as a nature guide has led her to better understand ecology and environmental systems, as well as our interconnectedness with what surrounds us and the importance of preserving nature. Her passion for travel has seen her wander across Europe and Asia, where volunteering at a school with alternative Buddhist teaching taught her to live the present moment, patience and joie de vivre.

Today, as a massage therapist, she has found a way to help people who cross her path. Lucie also teaches sailing to share her passion and help keep sailing alive in Quebec. Warm and caring, she likes to make everyone feel comfortable aboard: sailing is a school of life and learning.

Lucie shares:

During a France-Sicily crossing, I was on watch; it was nighttime, the stars were shining, I was scanning the surroundings in case we met other ships or fishing nets... there wasn’t a soul around, alone in the world with just a gentle breeze blowing in the sails. The only sound I heard was the bow gliding on the water. I felt weightless, when suddenly, a few meters from the boat, I heard a long "pshhhhh", then another, followed by a "splash". Two whales had just breathed right next to us. It is the most mysterious encounter I have ever had.

Her motto: Dare and laugh!