Jimmy Theberge

Jimmy has spent time on the Saguenay Fjord and the St. Lawrence River for over than 10 years, and has been sailing since 2012. He knows these waters inside out, as he loves to scuba dive and is also a PADI instructor. He can tell you all about the wondrous inhabitants of the underwater fjord.

What Jimmy says of his first outing on a sailboat:

I felt that the crew on the boat was speaking another language, because I didn’t understand anything of their conversation (head up, bear away, jibe...). But I was seduced by the technical aspect of sailing, the feeling and the silence.

A mechanical engineering technician, Jimmy is funny while remaining professional. He plays guitar and enjoys discussing and debating all kinds of topics. He likes to share his knowledge while delivering a fun and accessible sailing experience. Learning to sail is the sum total of preparation, technique, life on board, safety and pleasure.

Jimmy tries to minimize his footprint on the environment through recuperation, waste management and reducing water consumption.

His motto: Why not?