Catherine Parker

The Saguenay holds no secrets for Catherine: she knows the region from the seabed to the mountaintops, including its communities and green forests, and, of course, its marine mammals.

She always dreamt of sailing. Today, she has sailed more than 20,000 nautical miles, including 6,000 as a skipper. She has crossed the Pacific from Mexico to Japan via Hawaii; she sailed the Atlantic coast to the Bahamas, the St. Lawrence (river, estuary and gulf) and the Saguenay Fjord. Catherine is also trained as a Level 1 Race Official.

Passionate about everything she undertakes, Catherine surpassed herself during several major cycling trips (tour of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Ireland); these trips were milestones on her route to get to know herself. Her endurance level is remarkable and she is independent yet stimulated by teamwork... life is beautiful when you live it fully!

To think, discuss, exchange, understand, learn and keep an open mind ... others have so much to teach us!

Catherine shares:

Once Junior’s (Express 20 sailboat) mast nearly touched the water... that’s the day I learned to read the wind on the water! That day, I learned that the waves can form belatedly and that on the Saguenay, a ‘‘new’’ wind can rise very quickly and forcefully! The boat went down, I went overboard... I hung on to the boat as hard as I could, managed to climb back on board and regain control... it was pretty impressive.

Her motto: See the good side of things